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Prost-Prodction mixture of film and video


Production and what it is in fillmaking

Audio 7

Passed all of my test al ready and cant wait for Christmas break to start.

Audio 6

college and my family, they have alot to learn about this society.

Audio 5

I am passing all of my classes so I would like to keep it that way and this class is awsome.

Audio 4

Being in School is the best, and college will be Awsome.

Audio 3

I love my classes and I'm glad to have my grades up I'm improving since last year and the years before.

Audio 2

this is about Ms. J and Mrs. C's classes.

Scene 1

My documents will be about My Life at School you will hear about everything possible form Good to Bad, and maybe you can help me conqere these goals I want to since your the only one who actually gets to listin or want to at least well My school life is not that crazy but it should be nice to listin to.


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